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Night Photography
Most photography is about capturing the beauty of a moment or a scene. Light plays an essential role in magnifying beauty. Photography at night allows us to see night in all its wonderful color

Nighttime transforms the mundane into a visual spectral that I can't wait to capture with a camera.

I can produce iconic images that are timeless and identifiable and truly stand out in the marketplace.

$290 Still high res photos
$399 1 minute edited video
Asset Inspection
One can rely on the "look See" approach using visual inspection at the ground level, drone inspection at high elevation to perform condition assessment and determine the presence and likelihood of corrosion, mechanical damage and cracking on above ground structures, construction structures, and roofs. This approach can even detect fatigue corrosion and cracking or deeply embedded defects in the structure that cannot be observed from the ground. Save time and money rather than have traditional methods of manual inspection.

$290 Still high res photos + 40 second video
Real Estate
The majority of consumers are Tech Savvy nowadays and respond better to marketing techniques that meet the latest real estate trends. People are looking for areas closer to urban centers and pay a lot of attention to neighborhood and amenities nearby, Drone Aerial Photography provides a birds-eye view of a potential home, at the same time showing off unique feature of the house and surrounding area.

$290 Still high res photos
$399 1 minute edited video
Construction Progress Shots  
$199 Still high res photos
$399 1 minute video
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